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I write to you now as 38 children have already begun their academic journey as part of our initiative. Though this is the first intake, we expect to see many more children join them in future years, as they continue to learn right through to university level, with Avanceon at their side every step of the way.

I speak for the whole company when I say how incredibly proud I am of what we have built together. We have managed to bring to life to a project that ensures a better life for future generations and this is no small feat by any means. Inspired by the sheer determination of one employee to educate himself up through the company hierarchy and with outstanding dedication of the team that gave life to the idea, we have created a lasting legacy of educating the underprivileged.

Tomorrow’s Empowerment Today is perhaps the greatest achievement of Avanceon to date, exceeding all expectations and giving back to the very people that make this company great. We are one family and this program shouts from the rooftops that we look after the unsung heroes who power the company with their tireless hard work and commitment, day after day.

Although a secondary concern, we are especially grateful for the CSR Award and national recognition we received as a result of sharing our project with the National Forum for Education and Health. My heartfelt thanks go out to every Avanceoner for making this possible. I continue to look to you for inspiration and continue to look to you all for inspiration of future generations.

Yours always,

Bakhtiar H. Wain

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