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As one of the founding members of the Control System Integrator Hall of Fame, Avanceon proudly stands by to wait for the rankings of our industry peers across the globe each year. This year is no different where the leading automation and process control company has managed to climb to 13th overall in a very difficult 2016, showing year after year stable growth despite an overall economic downturn.

Encompassing all companies regardless of annual income – the range is between $1 million and $170 million – and also takes into account key project team sizes from a handful of experts right up to full deployment of thousands of system integrators and engineers. It is a league table the company keeps a close eye on as it benchmarks the company against other corporations in a competitive market.

“This year’s results comes at the end of 2016 and capped a difficult year for the industry across the Middle East and South Asia. We have seen a range of opportunities for automation and managed to enhance our reputation in certain key industries such as sugar and waste water and increase our onsite employee count. We are all looking forward to an incredible 2017 with many exciting new projects beginning to trickle through,” added Bakhtiar Wain, CEO and founder, Avanceon.

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Avanceon is a global provider of sustainable smart solutions and support services for automation, control systems integration, proprietary energy management and plant information management systems. Ensuring customer satisfaction through quality project delivery and employing the latest technologies, including virtualization, the Select Certified Member of the Control System Integrators Association leads the way towards the seamless execution of automation solutions. Avanceon is listed in the Control Engineering Magazine’s System Integrator Hall of Fame. We provide Tomorrow’s Solutions Today.

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