Our Board of Directors

Avanceon Limited Board

What Makes a Good Board Member?

Equity Involvement. Relevant Context & Experience. Wisdom. Motivation & Interest. Above all, a virtuous cycle of Respect, Trust, and Candor. Which also happens to be one of the core values of Avanceon Limited. For any board to perform at its peak capacity, there should be a culture of open dissent, challenging beliefs, and preconceived notions. We believe a board performs well only when we test each other’s conviction and take decisions aligned with our commitment to our shareholders.

Picture Khalid Wain

Board of Directors

The Board comprises 7 [seven] directors. In terms of strict independence 5 [five] out of 7 [seven] directors are fully independent.To ensure that the Board is independent and fully informed about corporate strategy and risks, Avanceon has adopted corporate governance policy in November 2012. The Board of Directors at Avanceon monitors how management serves the interests of the shareholders and other stakeholders.

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