Financial Reports

Letter from the Founder

Dear Visitor,

On November 2014 the day Avanceon went public,I promised myself to always keep the Shareholders and Investors interests above and beyond everything else. I’m proud to say, at Avanceon we’ve been upholding these values of integrity and truthfulness since the very beginning.

Since our inception more than three decades ago, Avanceon’s mission has always been to look forward towards the next best solution in automation.

Our mantra of providing tomorrow’s automation solutions today is ultimately aimed at improving the quality and profitability of our customers. Today, I’m delighted and proud to inform you that this passion for the pursuit of excellence is now part of every Avanceoner’s professional DNA.

The hallmark of a healthy organization is its ability to pay constant attention to the rapidly changing landscape and adapt to take advantage of the latest trends. To accomplish this, we’ve successfully instituted the Operational Excellence into our processes. This allows us to constantly improve our skillset and challenge ourselves every day.

As we move forward into the future, our journey of innovation and commitment to our clients will continue.
Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Yours Truly,
Bakhtiar H. Wain
CEO & Founder of Avanceon

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