Water & Waste Water

Our Seamless Execution of Water & Waste Water Automated Solutions

For all plant operations, Industrial Automation & Process Control are critical areas especially in an Industry where requirements for safety and reliability are particularly demanding. Over the past decades, Avanceon’s solutions have helped key Water/Waste Water & District Cooling players improve their production processes, minimize downtime and maximize profitability in line with their KPIs.

Avanceon has been a trusted partner in delivering superior solutions for over three decades. By choosing us, you are selecting the solutions that will consistently deliver reliable, efficient, sustainable and cost-saving process controls as well as a team of dedicated project managers and subject matter experts.

Water / Wastewater Capabilities

In an industry where strict standards and ever-rising operating costs, Avanceon combines the experience, expertise and resources necessary to assist you at any step of a project management lifecycle: from design to supply, from engineering to installation, from testing to commissioning for:

  • Instrumentation & Control [I&C]
  • Process Automation
  • High-End Solutions
  • Energy Optimization Solutions
  • After Market Services

Avanceon has built a solid reputation in designing and delivering reliable automation & process control solutions including SCADA systems for water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, district cooling plants. These solutions enable: remote monitoring, advanced control, predictive maintenance and optimization. Avanceon partners with multiple vendors in order to provide our customers with a best-in-class solution. As such, we have developed significant partnerships with the lead software and hardware OEMs who are known for their state of the art technologies.

Water / Wastewater Solutions

Avanceon can help you at any step of a project management lifecycle whether it is Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation, Testing, Commissioning or Maintenance.

  • Instrumentation & Control [I&C]
  • Process Automation
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems [ESD], Process Shutdown Systems [PSD], Environmental
  • Control Systems [ECS]
  • Emergency shutdown system certified to TUV, compliant to SIL2 & SIL3 level based on redundant, TMR &QMR technology including F&G
  • SCADA Systems, Business KPI Dashboards, and ERP Connectivity

Energy Optimization Solutions

Fuel Conservation on Utilities including solutions for boilers, generators, turbines and compressors.

DCS Control ETS Control PLC Control
RTU Control Smart Metering Chiller Plants Systems
Water Treatment Sewage Treatment District Cooling Plants

Solutions for Water and Sewage Treatment & Storm Water

    • System Management and Optimization
      System-wide SCADA integration including asset management & reliability SIL2/SIL3 compliant safety with interface to plant security system & design database.
    • Advanced Integrated Simulation
      Multivariate model predictive controls, modeling using hybrid engines as well as variable dynamic control capabilities for better transition management.
    • Plant Controls and Monitoring Systems including DCS, PLC, ETS & RTUs
      Advanced system integration including network integration, fieldbus solutions, plant historian & advanced treatment Smart performance monitor against design specification Automation of routine maintenance.
    • Field devices management including monitoring, configuration & audit trails of
      Pressure, temperature, flow & level transmitters, liquid/gas analyzers as well as valves and valve actuators.

Water & Wastewater Collaterals

Our Portfolio

Over 10 years of providing automation & Process control solutions for water/wastewater & district cooling industry as well as over 100 medium to large scale projects in water/wastewater district cooling management.

Strategic Partners

Avanceon has partnered with multiple vendors in order to provide our customers with best-in-class solutions. As such, we have developed strategic technology partnerships with the top software and hardware OEMs. This ensures that our subject matter experts deliver Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today.

Flagships Projects

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