Support Guardianship

Avanceon’s Support Guardianship Philosophy entails

JIT –  Just in Time

Eliminate Wastage

  • By ensuring that right part/service at the right place at the right time is delivered to the customer.

Service Level Agreements
A part of Support Guardianship, Service Level Agreements accomplish the following

  • SLAs allow Avanceon to offer After Market Support solutions on a contractual basis.

  • Technical teams schedule an assessment of the facility to determine service needs, conduct an in-depth analysis and then submit a customised service proposal based on client requirements.

  • SLAs offered by Avanceon also have an option to maintain an inventory of spares.

Avanceon’s Support Guardianship Philosophy entails

Maintaining process and equipment availability is essential to meeting production targets. Plant managers need to be able to carry on production without risking equipment integrity and plan for equipment turnarounds as they become necessary. This requires a tight connection between process data and equipment health monitoring so that boundary limits are recognized even though operating modes and equipment demands are constantly changing.

Avanceon’s reliability solutions improve availability and reduce downtime through proactive asset management and early detection of potential problems ranging from corrosion to equipment failure.

After Market Support – Contractual Guardianship

Avanceon provides a single point of contract for all of your maintenance support needs. Our mandate is being there when you can’t be to ensure protection your assets and your profits.

Teamwork – Continued Improvement

  • Partner aligned account management
  • Business return management & Executive level guidance
  • Continuous program improvement & Staff augmentation support

Innovation – Support Program

  • Integrated CMS
  • Proactive reporting & preventive management
  • Predictive Management & Emergency Response services

Quality – Monitoring, Management & Verification

  • 24/7 – 365 Help Desk
  • Remote & on-sight support programs
  • After project training

Quickest response time is 1 hour [phone support]
Immediate access to up-to-date Plant information
Maintenance Management Reporting & Back-up system
Document Control and Technical Trainings
Spare parts availability on-time

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