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Avanceon expands its project footprint by bringing Seven new wells online for one of the top Oil & Gas producing fields in Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan – Avanceon is completing a project for bringing seven new wells online for one of the top Oil & Gas producing fields in Pakistan. Avanceon’s scope of work includes design, engineering, procurement, supply, installation, and commissioning of Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and related instrumentation for seven new wellheads and their integration with existing ...

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Avanceon successfully commissions SCADA and PLC based Control System for National Water Company’s (NWC) multiple Water & Wastewater Facilities in Saudi Arabia

Dammam, KSA – Avanceon adds another project to its impressive list of recent successes in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the successful commissioning of SCADA and PLC based Control System for multiple Water & Wastewater Facilities designed and constructed for a mega residential complex. The end-user, National Water Company (NWC), is in the process of ...

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Avanceon expands its Middle Eastern project footprint by providing Road Tunnels Management System SCADA for a High Capacity Expressway

Middle East – Avanceon is completing a contract to deliver state of the art Tunnel Management System for a high capacity strategic Expressway Link in the Middle East. The project is part of a major push by the Middle Eastern nation to improve her transportation and infrastructure capabilities. Avanceon has been tasked to integrate and ...

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Project Estimates: A Collusion of Optimists!

by in Blog. Posted August 2, 2019

Steve McConnell’s Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art revolves around the idea of a cone – a cone of uncertainty. What this means is that software estimates are not simplistic single point numbers. These are probabilities on a number line. The probability of making the correct estimate is low at the beginning of a project. ...

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