Avanceon has been recognized by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and SERCO for its superior delivery quality, excellence and commitment while working on the Dubai Metro project. The recognition came after evaluating the performance of engineering teams from major contractors (such as Thales, Tyson and Alec etc.) currently engaged on the project.

The 5-Star Service Award is the highest level of recognition from RTA and SERCO given to a contractor’s engineer or engineering team. Picked out from a pool of strong nominations working for Dubai Metro each year, this year Muhammad Farooq Ilyas from Avanceon is selected on the basis of his quality of service, timely response, and excellent work throughout tenure under consideration.

Avanceon is currently under contract to provide high quality, zero downtime maintenance services for Dubai Metro’s control systems. It will be completing five continuous years of excellent onsite operation and maintenance services in August this year. Avanceon has installed and since maintained Rockwell Automation’s cutting-edge SIL-3 PLC based TVS system across both Red and Green lines. Control systems’ upgradation and maintenance are part of the preparations planned for a huge influx of commuters expected for Expo2020.

The five-star recognition sheds light on all the hard work put in over the years by the Avanceon team. Other members of the Avanceon team who played a key role in achieving this milestone include Suleman Khalid, Atif Farooqui, Owais Hussain and Ummad Aziz.

Following the mantra of delighting our customer at every step of the way, Avanceon and its team takes a proactive and agile approach in providing the best possible support to its clients and partners. 

About Avanceon – (PSX: AVN) – Avanceon is an industrial automation consultation and system integration entity in Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, KSA and United States. The company follows an ethical, proactive and sustainable approach to business. As a leading innovator within the automation industry

Avanceon provides state of the art automation solutions on three continents. Established in 1984, Avanceon is committed to providing engineering excellence to its clients and partners. Providing end to end solutions, which include Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance, Avanceon’s executive management has more than a hundred years of experience and insight within the automation and system integration industry.

Find out more about Avanceon at www.avanceon.ae

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