HUBCO Awards Avanceon contract

Lahore, Pakistan: Avanceon Ltd [PSX:AVN] & HUBCO [PSX:HUBC] are renowned for making real, sustainable and positive environmental impacts on Pakistani society through pioneering the most advanced technology. Both companies, leaders in their respective industries are innovating collaboratively by bringing the Pakistani industrial landscape in line with the latest international advancements in automation & control. The breakthrough IIoT [Industrial Internet of Things] project, based on Rockwell Automation [NYSE:ROK] technology, kickstarted on June 6, 2016  with an agreement to start working on a full deployment of a state-of-the-art remote monitoring platform to be completed by early 2017.

“HUBCO’s corporate responsibility is to deliver safe and reliable energy to the people. We have driven innovation in the power sector since day one in Pakistan, something that would not be possible if we did not collaborate with top technology leaders. Working with Avanceon, who have been both ground-breaking and inventive with their depth of expertise in Industrial IoT solutions, was a natural fit,” said Mr. Abdul Vakil, CTO, Hub Power Company Limited. “By producing, analysing and benchmarking against our plant data it is easier to optimize plant generation and energy efficiencies for fuel savings and ultimately empowers the industry to make more sustainable decisions,” he added.

Avanceon is a driving force in Environment Emissions Monitoring, both from a corporate responsibility and economic savings perspective. The lead engineering company aims to equip clients with the necessary technology to surpass industry benchmarks. The project will help safeguard data and deliver enterprise-wide visibility into operational, manufacturing and business data. The scope of the project covers system integration of around 1600MW power plants installed at Hub, Narowal and Laraib.

“We are proud to work alongside HUBCO, an early innovator, such an integral energy company in Pakistan, enabling higher levels of safety and efficiencies through our work together. Avanceon leads the way with an increasingly strong sector knowhow and ability to integrate disparate systems into comprehensive yet comprehensible human interfaces. Through similar collaborations we look forward to accelerate towards the future of Pakistan’s smart industry, the backbone of the Country’s economy,” added Mr. Tanveer Karamat, COO, Avanceon.

The breakthrough project is based on Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk PI Historian and VantagePoint Portal, with the installation of leading automation technology aiming to enhance overall safety levels at the sites. Avanceon was selected as an ideal affiliate due to the company’s leading knowledge across Automation & Controls technology in the energy sector but also as the pioneering force behind virtualization project in the Middle East and in South Asia.

“The system will embody intelligence as it will capture the experience and knowledge of HUBCO professionals and embeds it within the system, helping transform plant data into information,” added Chris Marshall, Market Access Director, Southeast Asia at Rockwell Automation. “This is probably the most forward thinking way to manage operations as the smart system provides anything from performance analysis to intelligent reports that would optimize plant operations and costs.”

What the realtime industrial data management solution will provide is a birdseye view on all the operations of their power Generation Division as well as each of their plants. In other words, this initiative will allow directors, managers and/or operators to access data on the move through the use of smart devices to make timely informed decisions. What this means for the everyday user is that electricity shortage and access will be continuously improved.

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