Saudi Arabia – Avanceon has been awarded a contract for the provision of a robust, secure and high functional PLC based SCADA System to manage operations at Saudi Aramco’s Abqaiq Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia. This project is a part of the Kingdom’s effort in increasing the volume of treated sewage and make it reusable for irrigation in agriculture and other uses. 

Avanceon proposed solution consists of a central SCADA system (redundant PLC configuration) with 07 local control stations for automatic operation & control of wastewater treatment facility. Detailed scope of the project includes:

  1. Design, engineering, supply, installation, configuration, testing & commissioning of PLC based SCADA system for handling screening and grit systems’ operations as per approved specifications
  2. Supply of the system hardware, software, and its accessories for communications backbone
  3. Development of Human Machine Interface (HMI), graphics, control sequence, dashboards, trends, as per functional design specifications
  4. Supply of explosion-proof local control stations for handling local equipment operations
  5. Detailed design documentation such as PLC system cabinets drawings, engineering manuals, process flow diagrams (PFDs), etc.
  6. Pre-Commissioning, commissioning, startup and training Services

The project is scheduled to be completed by the mid of 2020.

Avanceon’s long term service history, strong project references, and a technically sound solution played a major role in acquiring this project.

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About Avanceon Water & Wastewater Capabilities: Over the years, Avanceon has built a solid reputation in designing and delivering reliable automation and process control solutions for water & wastewater treatment plants and district cooling plants. These solutions offer capabilities such as remote monitoring, advanced control, predictive maintenance and optimization. Avanceon partners with multiple vendors in order to provide best in class solutions. These significant partnerships with leading software and hardware OEMs provide state-of-the-art technologies for automation solutions.  

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About Avanceon – (PSX: AVN) – Avanceon is an industrial automation consultation and system integration entity in Pakistan, Qatar, UAE, KSA and United States. The company follows an ethical, proactive and sustainable approach to business. As a leading innovator within the automation industry, Avanceon provides state of the art automation solutions on three continents. Established in 1984, Avanceon is committed to providing engineering excellence to its clients and partners. Providing end to end solutions, which include Design, Supply, Engineering, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance, Avanceon’s executive management has extensive experience and insight within the automation and system integration industry.

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